Choosing a Layout

Our new system offers you much more control over how your content looks. You can now choose from eight layouts, with our without a hero image, allowing you sixteen different layout options. In addition, you can choose to display an icon indicating the type of media, and the date of publication.

Choosing a layout type

Choose the Layout tab to change your content’s layout

 Each layout displays your content in a different way:

Small List without Hero
Small List with Hero







Medium without Hero
Medium with Hero







2 Column without Hero
2 Column with Hero







Small magazine without hero
Small magazine with hero







Large Magazine
Feed list







Circles List
Gallery List






In addition, you can choose to include icons showing the media type, date of publication, or time since publication, using these controls on the layout screen

Use your sandbox app to experiment and find out which layout best suits the type of content you are adding. If you have a list of documents with no imagery, then you might find that the feed list compensates by automatically including colourful icons.¬†However if you have lots of beautiful images to go along with your content, the large magazine list will allow it to catch your user’s eye.