User Generated Content

User Generated Content is a great way to allow your employees to get involved, and engage with your app. With this feature, you can allow your users to post directly from their phones – in specific designated sections of the app. Users can add images and text, and you can moderate the posts before they go live if you want to.

Some of our customers use this feature to create a ‘selfie wall’ in their app, as a place to encourage the sharing of best practice, or even as a ‘buy and sell’ section.

Users make posts from their phones, and others can like and comment. Share pictures, run competitions, share best practice, create a Q&A section – UGC has loads of use cases.



Any time you need your users to post to the app, you can use our User Generated Content feature. You can even choose if you want only specific groups of people to see the ‘Post’ button. For example, you could have a section that your employees can read, but managers can post to – giving your managers a way to quickly disseminate information in the app without having access to the Content Management System!


Setting up User Generated Content

  1. Choose List Type

In your new list, go to the ‘List Type’ tab and choose ‘User Publishing List’. This tells the CMS that it’s a list that’s going to receive its content from users in the app itself, so there will be a button in the app for users to press to make a new post.

The default list (posting only from the CMS) is on by default, and you can find more information about the Recognition List by clicking here.


2. Choose who can post

Next, you get to decide if everyone can post in this list, or if only specific user groups get to see the button to post. Remember though, the List’s ‘Audience’ tab still governs who can see the list – this bit below just governs who can post to the list.

If you want everyone to be able to post, you don’t need to do anything:


But if you want to restrict who can post, you’ll need to choose those user groups. This is useful if you wanted to create a section where senior managers can post directly – where you want everyone to be able to read the posts,  but only for the senior managers user group to be able to post there.


3. Choose your button text

Now, choose what the button in the app is going to say. If your list is a selfie wall for example, it might say ‘Post a Selfie’ or if’s a Buy & Sell section, it might say ‘Post an Ad’:


4. Choose your posting options

First choose whether you want to make it mandatory for users to include text or images with their posts.

Allowing users to send push notifications will automatically send a push notification out to all users every time there’s a new post to this section of your app. So we don’t recommend enabling this unless you have chosen  for only a small group of people to be able post.

Enabling post moderation means that the posts will appear in the content management system in ‘Draft’ status. Once you have approved the post in the CMS, simply press Save and Publish Now to make the post visible to all users.