Supported Environments

Mobile technology is a fast moving area and this list is subject to change over time as new versions of each operating systems and device hardware becomes prominent in the market.  Our general rule is to support the latest two major versions of mobile Operating Systems and Browsers, however we temper this with market realities. One such reality is the slow uptake of new versions of Android, in this case we continue to test across the latest three major versions.

iOS Native Apps

Officially supported iOS versions are iOS 12 and iOS 13. As of November 2019, these account for 93% of all iOS devices. Apple provide up-to-date data of usage here.

For reference, iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11 and above are:

iPhone SE

iPhone 6 & 6+

iPhone 6s & 6s+

iPhone 7 & 7+

iPhone 8 & 8+

iPhone X


iPhone XR

iPhone XS / XS Max

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

iPad Mini 4

iPad Air 2

iPad Pro (all variants)


Android Native Apps

Supported Android Versions are Android 6.0 and above.

Due to the high number of Android devices in circulation, we have to nominate a subset on which to physically test.  Our selection is based on some of the most popular devices sold.

If an Android device is running Android 5.x or below, the Google Play Store will display a message to user, telling them that their device is not compatible with the app.

TheAppBuilder WebApp

TheAppBuilder WebApp is compatible with a range of modern browsers, however the following subset of configurations is explicitly supported and tested. Unless specifically stated, the latest version of each browser is officially supported.

Windows Phone

Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 8.1

Browsers: Internet Explorer


Apple iOS

Operating Systems: iOS 11.x, iOS 12.x

Browsers: Safari, Google Chrome


Android OS

Operating Systems: Android 5.0.x

Browsers: Samsung Browser, Google Chrome



Operating Systems: Windows 10

Browsers: Google ChromeInternet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox


Apple OSX

Operating Systems: OSX High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina

Browsers: Safari, Chrome

TheAppBuilder Toolkit (Content Management System)

App Editors use TheAppBuilder Toolkit to manage the content of their apps.  The toolkit is a browser based CMS which supports the latest 2 versions of the major browsers.

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome (Recommended)



Internet Explorer 11 and above

Microsoft Edge

Last updated: 5th December 2019

Author: Jonny Kirk

Product Owner