Reporting on Social Engagement in your app

With the ability for your users to like and comment on your content, and to converse via comment-replies, it’s important to be able to report on the level of interaction going on in your app.

This guide shows how to run a report in Google Analytics to show you the number of likes and comments in your app for any given date range.

Please Note: The ability to report on social interaction in the app was introduced with version 18.9.0 – you can check which version of the app you are on by looking at the number on the login screen. Social interaction will only be tracked from the date that your app was updated to 18.9.0. If your app is pre-18.9.0 and you wish to request an update, please get in touch with our support team.


In Google Analytics, social interactions are called ‘Events’, so start by clicking on ‘Behaviour’ in the left hand menu, then ‘Events’ and ‘Top Events’


This runs a report showing you the total number of social interactions in your app (for the date-range specified) and is split in to three categories:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Liked-Comments


This report shows you the total number of interactions, and break-down of how many there have been of each type. The metric to look at on this report is simply ‘Total Events’ for each type.

To drill-down further, you’ll need to click on the type of event. For example, let’s click on ‘Like’ to get more details about what our users have been liking in the app:


This gives you a breakdown of the likes in the app, for each screen / page, ordered by the most-liked (or most-commented if you clicked on ‘Comment’), allowing you to see exactly which screens your users are liking and commenting on.

You can also search for a specific screen using the search bar.


Along with the report to find out which content is viewed most often, you can use this information to refine your content strategy. Are you seeing something that users are interacting with more than usual? Then do more of that if you want to increase the engagement and interaction in the app.