Push Notifications

Push Notifications are an extremely powerful tool in your internal comms arsenal. When you’re adding ‘need to know’ content to your app, a push notification will increase your read rates significantly.

We all have a lot of different apps on our phones, so it’s to be expected that your employees won’t check your internal comms app every day. A push notification however, will alert the user to a new piece of content in your app, and if they tap on the notification they’ll be brought straight to that content.

Push Notifications also work with our Content Segmentation feature, in that if you set an Audience for your content, the notification will be sent only to those in the Audience user groups – allowing you target specific sets of employees with your notifications.

A push notification will appear along with other system-level notifications on the user’s mobile phone – on the lock screen and in the phone’s notification centre.


How to Send a Push Notification

A notification can only be sent to your users after your content has been published. After publishing a page or web link, you’ll see the option to send a push notification appear below the publishing controls on the right of the screen. You’ll also be able to see if a push has previously been sent for that content:


Press ‘Send Push Notification‘ and a box will pop up to allow you to enter your text. Once you’re done, simply press Send.


If your text is more than one sentence, you may see a message to tell you that it might get shortened. This is just because different phones display notifications is various ways – some have a word limit for displaying the full message in the notification bubble.


Segmenting Push Notifications to User Groups

When sending a push notification, it will automatically be sent to everyone that the content is available to. By default, the ‘Audience’ is set to Everyone. But if you segment your content to make it visible only to those in specific user groups, the push notification will also only be sent to those users, in those groups.

So if the audience tab looks like this (after Saving and Publishing) and you send a push notification:


Then the push notification will only be sent to those who can see the content – in this case, those in the Area Managers user group.