Publishing Content to Groups

Before you can publish content to groups, make sure you have:

If you haven’t completed any of these steps, click on the appropriate link above.

Publishing Content to Groups

Now that you have created your user group, added users to it, and added the group to a channel, you’re ready to segment your content so that it’s only visible to specific groups!

Start by creating piece of content as normal on the CMS (a page for example), but before clicking Save and Publish, navigate to the ‘Audience’ tab. This where we will choose which groups of users can see this content.


You can see that by default, content is available to all users, unless you specify a group, or groups.

To do so, search for the group that you wish this content to be restricted to in the ‘Choose Groups to restrict audience’ field. If you know the name of the group, just start typing its name, or if you want to see a list of all available groups, just press the star key *


Now click on the group that you want that to be able to see the content. If you want to add multiple groups to be able to see this content, you can do by repeating the process. Selected groups will appear in blue, and the padlock icon will shut – showing you that the content will only be available these groups.


When you’re satisfied that you have added the group(s) you want, now you can click the Save and Publish button, to publish your content so that it’s only visible to users who are in the specified groups.