People Directory

The People Directory is a searchable employee directory, displaying contact details of all your employees who have been added as users to your app.












The People Directory is currently searchable by:

  • Name
  • Job Title

When activated in your app, it will appear in the sidebar menu beside the app settings and logout buttons.

Where the data comes from

The user’s name, department and job title will automatically be pulled from your user upload file, while the phone number, email address and profile photo need to be added manually by the user in their own user profile screen (at the top of the sidebar menu).


Call or Email from the app

One of the big benefits of the People Directory is that if a user adds their email address or phone number to their profile, then ‘Call’ and ‘Email’ buttons will be added to their profile in the directory, allowing them to be called or emailed directly from the app. Upon tapping call or email, the phone’s dialler, or default email client will be called to complete the call or email.

Activating the People Directory in your app

To turn on your People Directory, click the Cog Icon at the top of the CMS to access your administration settings. Then click on the channels menu, and on the channel for which you want to enable the directory:

Now tick the ‘People Directory’ feature, and save your changes:


After you save, refresh the menu in your app, you’ll see the ‘People’ option appear at the bottom of the main menu, beside the settings and logout options.

Please Note: Although you can enable the People Directory on a per-channel basis, the directory itself will always show all users from across your organisation, regardless of which channels those users have access to.