Peer Recognition

Our native Peer to Peer Recognition feature allows your employees to say thanks to each other in your app, and the person who’s been thanked will receive a push notification to their phone to let them know!


When saying thanks, they’ll choose one of your company’s core values to associate with the ‘thanks’, and they can add in their own comments.

There are loads of amazing, but small things going on every single day across your organisation. This feature in your app gives everyone visibility to these everyday heroes, and it encourages your employees to live your organisational values.

A lot of formal employee recognition programmes are all about the outstanding achievements. This feature though, is all about celebrating the small stuff!

Getting it set up

You’ll need to send your company’s list of values to your Customer Success Manger, who will get everything configured in the background. You can also send a list of teams if you want people to be able to thank entire teams of people rather than only individuals.

Once we’ve confirmed that the setup has been completed on this side, you’ll need to create a list in your app where people will go to say thanks, and see the thanks left for others.

You can call the list whatever you like – some examples are “Say Thanks” “Peer Shout-Outs” “Cheers to your Peers”.

In the “List Type” tab, you’ll need to choose ‘Recognition List’, then choose what you want the button at the bottom of the list to say. (This is where users will tap to thank someone).

You can also choose if you want to be able to say thanks to individuals, teams, or both.