Understanding Publishing Statuses

Our publishing method allows you to have control and flexibility over your content.

This allows many different CMS users to work on and publish content independently, without publishing others’ unfinished work.

When you’re in the process of creating a new content item, the status of that content will be ‘draft’:



It will then remain in the ‘draft’ state until published. You can choose to either publish immediately, or to schedule publication a the date and time of your choosing.

If you click ‘Save & Publish Now’ you’ll see the content status change to ‘Published’, and your content will be available for app users.


However, if you instead choose to schedule the publication, you must first click ‘Save’, and then upon clicking on ‘Schedule Publish’, you’ll be asked to choose a date and time. At this date and time, the content will become available in the app, and status will change from ‘draft’ to ‘published’:



Making a change to an already published content item

If you make a change to a piece of content that has already been published, but click ‘Save’ to save changes without publishing them, you’ll see a different status – Published with changes drafted. This is letting you know that there’s an older version of this page published in the app, but your most recent changes have not yet been published. When you’re ready to publish your recent changes to the app, you click on Save & Publish Now, or schedule the update for a time and date of your choosing.


You’ll also be able to see the publication status of items when looking the them from the list view in the CMS, allowing you to quickly identify any pieces of content that are still being worked on:


However, please note that when you’re looking at the top-level of a list – although it may show the status of the list as ‘Published’ – it’s still possible that there might be draft content items within that list.



Publishing in Bulk

It’s possible to publish all draft items at the same time using the ‘publish’ menu item on the left of the CMS. Using this function will however, publish all draft content across all of your app – so if using this, be sure that everything is actually ready to be published. If you have been working on only one item, you should simply publish it using the options above.