Image Guidelines

Images can either be added within modular pages, or as ‘Featured Images’ to go along with a content item, to be displayed within a list alongside the title of the item.

An image on a modular page:

A Featured Image within a list:


Guidelines – Images within pages

Any images you upload to a modular page will display exactly ‘as-is’ without any cropping. You therefore don’t really need to worry about about the aspect ratio of these images too much, as anything goes!

Please consider the size of your images before uploading. Remember that your users may be using their own data connection to view your content. They’re going to have a smoother experience and it will be lighter on their data allowance if you choose images that can maintain quality in a lower file size. Try to keep your images below 1MB in size.

Guidelines – Featured images

When you set a featured image for a content item or list, that image will get cropped to an approximate 4:3 aspect ratio.

Examples of a 4:3 aspect ratio:


As we don’t currently have a cropping tool within the CMS, you’ll need to crop your featured image as appropriate, before uploading it.

For example, if we were to try setting this 300x148px image as a featured image for a page:



Then it’s going to be cropped to a 4:3 ratio, and we’ll lose some of the text. It would look like this:



However, were we to crop the image to a 4:3 aspect ratio by adding some whitespace around it:



Now that’s it’s close to a 4:3 aspect ratio, it’s not going to get cropped:



The same goes for an image that you can’t add whitespace to. If you have a wide image to use for a featured image, then crop it to 4:3 ratio before uploading it, so that you can choose which part of the image is featured: