Create your app structure with lists

In TheAppBuilder CMS, a list is kind of like a category or a section. If you’re adding a list, you’re saying “this is a place I’m going to add things in to”. For example, if you wanted to have a section for latest news in your app, you would add a ‘List’ called latest news, and inside that list you would add each individual news story. Or cat meme… whatever you find newsworthy, we’re not here to judge.

Whatever you add to the ‘Main Menu’ in the CMS, is what appears in the sidebar menu in the app:



You can see in the CMS, each of these main menu items has been added as a ‘list’.

Before you start adding content to the CMS, take some time to plan out the structure of your app. What are your top level (main menu) sections (lists) and what kind of content do you want to put in each of those lists?

Of course, not everything in the main menu needs to be a list if it’s not appropriate, but creating your lists and the general outline of your app structure before adding content, helps to make a more streamlined and focused experience for your users.

A handy tip:

Don’t throw the kitchen sink at it!

It’s tempting to create loads of top-level sections with sub-lists ten levels deep for every possible area of your business, but remember that the more sections and lists you create, the more content that you’ll need to fill them up, and to keep them up to date. Start relatively small, build up some content, get user feedback, and add more depending on what your users and business need. Keep it as lean and sleek as possible.

You can always add more content at any time, but there’s nothing as sad as a forgotten old section of your app containing outdated information that hasn’t been updated in months. It breaks our hearts 🙁

Speaking of sub-lists (a list within a list), don’t forget that instead of sub-sections for different departments, you can use our content segmentation feature to publish content visible to different groups of people, but in the same list!