Allow your content to be shared to social media

External content sharing is a good way to organically increase your social media presence. There may be some content that you publish in your app, that you’d like your users to be able to share outside the app also – with their social media friends. For example, a job posting or news about a charity fundraiser in your business. Anything that you wouldn’t mind people outside of your organisation reading.

Allowing your users to share content is simple. On a page in the CMS, simply tick the ‘Allow external sharing’ option on the right hand menu:


This will add a share icon to the screen, which when tapped, allows your users to share the page to other apps they have installed on their phone, such as Facebook, Linkedin, SMS, Whatsapp, etc.

When the page is shared, when opened it will display as a single webpage, hosted by TheAppBuilder. So those outside of your organisation will not be able to see any of your other app content, nor will they be able to see any likes or comments on that page that exist in your app.