Creating an Apple Business Manager Account

The Apple Business Manager Program allows for apps to be deployed privately (not via the Public App Store), whereby your user will be given a unique to code to download your app.

Creating an Apple Business Manager account is free. To complete the enrolment, you will need:

  • Your company’s DUNS number
  • Your company’s VAT number
  • An email address not already associated with an Apple ID

To enrol as an Apple Business Manager, go to

Follow the instructions, and complete each of the fields:

The work email address will be used to create a new Apple ID. You will be asked to verify your email and set up the Apple ID details before returning to the enrolment process:

Now complete the rest of the steps, to provide a verification contact (someone else in your business to verify your application) and the details of your business, including DUNS and VAT numbers.

On the ‘Institution Details’ screen, you will need to enter your DUNS number. If you aren’t sure what your DUNS number is, you can look it up here.

After you submit your application, it may take up to 24 hours for Apple to get in touch with your verification contact, and another 24 hours to process your application.