Adding an Existing User or Editor to a Non-Default Channel

You may have more than one app in your app library. Most of our clients will have at least one ‘default’ app, visible to everyone in the organisation. Some will also have apps that are only visible to specifically assigned users – for example, an app for a specific event or location within your business. Non-default apps are those without ‘can be accessed by all users in your organisation‘ ticked in the app settings:




To manually add a single user to this kind of app, click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS and search for the user you wish to add.

Note: If you’re adding multiple users at once to a non-default channel, it’s easier to follow the guide for bulk adding here.

Once in the user’s CMS profile, go to the channels tab, and click on + add new channel and you see a list of all available channels:



Choose ‘User’ or ‘Editor’ in the user drop-down menu, depending on what access you wish to grant.

If you choose ‘Editor’, this user will be able to log in to the CMS and add content to this channel.

Once you have selected the user role, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Editing a User’s Profile & Changing a User’s Password

To edit a user’s profile, click on the cog icon in the CMS menu bar, and you will again be presented with the list of users in your organisation. To edit someone’s profile, search for them, click on their username, then click on ‘reset password’:


Here, you can edit any of the information you require, or you can click on ‘reset password‘ to give the user a new password.


When changing a user’s password, it must comply with the following password rules:

  • At least eight characters long
  • Contain an uppercase letter
  • Contain a lowercase letter
  • Contain a number
  • Contain a special character (such as ! ? &)

When you have selected a new password, click on ‘Reset’ to change the password.


Bulk Adding Users To Channels

Within your app library, if you have more than one channel (for example, a leadership channel or a channel for an event), you’ll need to add users to those extra channels, so that they will be able to access them via the app library option in your app.

Please note, doing this will not create a any ‘new’ users – you’re simply giving access to a channel for some of your existing users.

First, click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS, then click on ‘Channels’, then click on the channel that you want to add users to:

Now click on the ‘Users’ tab, then ‘+Bulk Add Users’:

You’ll now see a box where you can paste in a list of usernames that you want to add to the channel. Copy and paste your list of users in to the box, then click on ‘Add Users’. You can add up to 200 users at a time:

If any of these users do not already exist, you will see a message telling you which of the users will be added, and which will not be added as they don’t already exist as users:

If you have entered valid usernames, you will see a ‘Confirm and Complete’ button. Press this to complete adding your users to the channel. If you have any that have been ignored due to not existing, you will need to create those as new users.

Once you click on Confirm and Complete, you’ll see the list of users who have been added to the channel.

To remove users from accessing this channel, simply click on the red X to the right of their username:




Manually Adding Users to Groups

Users can be added to groups using the CSV user upload if your app’s onboarding method supports it. If your app uses email self-registration, you will have to use this manual method of adding users to groups. If you aren’t sure which onboarding method your app supports, please contact

Adding Users to Groups

There are two ways to manually add users to groups. You can add a user to a group using either the ‘User’ screen if you want to search for a single user and add them to a group, or the ‘User Groups’ screen if you want to find the group, then add multiple users to it. If you have an entire of list of users that you want to add to a group however, follow the instructions for Bulk Adding Users to Groups.


Adding users to Groups with the ‘User Groups’ screen

When you want to view the group, then add users to it, you can do so from the User Groups screen. Click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS, then click on User Groups. Now click on the user group that you want to add users to.


In the user group, click on the ‘Users’ tab, then click on + Add New User


Now you can search for users to add to the group. You can search by first name, last name, username or job role. Search for the user then click on them when they appear. You can search for and add multiple users as the same time. When you’re done, click on ‘Add Users’ to add the users to the group.


Now you’ll be brought back to the User Group, where you will see the list of users that are currently in the group. To remove any users, simply click the red X beside their name.


If you want to re-order the list of users in the group to make it easier to find people, just click on the arrow beside to the field name – this will order the users either ascending or descending alphabetically.


Adding single users to Groups with the ‘User’ screen

Click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS, then on ‘Users’ and search for the user you require.

Now click on the user to open the user details screen, and navigate to the  User Groups tab.

Now click on +Add User Group to select the group that you want to add the user to. On the next screen, simply choose which groups you want to add the user to by clicking on ‘add group’. You can add the user to as many groups as want.

When you have added the groups, click Close, and you’ll see the list of the groups that the user is now a member of.

To remove the user from any of these groups, simply click the red X next to the group name. You’ll also be able to the see the total number of active users in each group.



Manually adding a new user to your app

Manually adding a new user to your app

As an organisation admin, you can manually add new users to your organisation in the CMS. It’s likely that your users will simply be added by uploading a regular CSV file, but you can also add users manually should you wish.

To do so, click on the ‘cog’ symbol in the CMS menu bar:


You will now be presented with the organisation admin screen, where you can manage your users. To add a new user, click on the blue ‘Add New User’ button:


You will now be able to enter the details of the new user on the following screen:


Complete the appropriate fields, and add a profile picture for the user if you like. Remember that app usernames have to be unique, so you’ll get an error message if you try to duplicate a username.

You’ll see two tick-box options:

User Active‘ is ticked by default. You can un-tick this if you wish to remove the user’s access to your organisation.

Exclude from User Sync‘ – ticking this option means that the user will not be deleted when bulk uploading using a .csv file. This can be useful if you want to add someone who would not normally be on your .csv user upload lists.

When you have completed all required fields, click on the blue ‘add user‘ button to add the user, or ‘cancel‘ to return to the previous screen:


You can also use this screen to give someone access to the CMS for adding content. Click here for the full explanation of access levels and how to make someone an app editor.