Adding Forms as Web Links to Lists

Forms, polls and surveys are a great way of capturing information from your users. These can be directly linked in the in-app browser, or embedded in your app using the HTML module on a Modular Page Widget if you want to add other content alongside them.

There are many form builders online, such as Typeform and Wufoo, and most will work with TheAppBuilder platform. Check with your data security officer before deciding to use one of these third-parties in your app, especially if you’re going to be collecting personal information from your users.

When you create a form, you will see a ‘share form’ button. The example below is from Wufoo, but most form builders function in a similar way.


Click on ‘share form’ and you will be presented with the following screen:



If you simply want the form to open ‘as-is’ within the in app browser, simply add a new web link to a list, and input the direct link for your form:


And the form will open in the in-app browser like so:


The user experience is one of staying within the app, rather than being linked out to external content. While we’re simply displaying a web page within the app, the in-app browser gives the user a nice, native-like experience.


Embedding Surveys

You can embed surveys within your app from a range of third party online survey providers. The most popular is Surveymonkey, but most providers work in the same way. For this example, we’re going to be using Surveymonkey.

In Surveymonkey, when you have created your survey, navigate to the “Collect Responses” screen:



In this screen, you will need to create a new collector for your survey. On the Collect Responses screen, choose ‘Web Link’ as a new collector:


After clicking on Web Link, you will be presented with the following screen, where you can customise some options for your survey. Set these options as required, then copy the URL you are given for the Web Link:



With other providers, you’re also just looking for the direct web link to the survey.

In TheAppBuilder CMS, add a Web Page to your list where you want to the survey to appear:


And then simply copy the direct survey link in to the URL box:


When you publish, and the taps on the web link in your list, it will open the survey in the in-app browser. The user won’t be taken out of the app, and they’ll have a nice native-like user experience.



When your users compete the survey in the app, the responses will be collected by Surveymonkey, or whichever provider you have chosen, and you can log in to that provider to download and analyse your responses.

If you’re trying to use another provider, and you’re stuck – get in touch with our support team, and we’ll be happy to help you to get your survey published in your app!