Working with the Media Library

The Media Library is where all of your images, videos and files are stored and managed.


To view your media library, simply click ‘Media’ on the menu on the left of the content management system:


This will open the Media Library, where you can manage your media content. You can search for previously uploaded items, upload new items by dragging and dropping, or delete by clicking on the item and pressing the red ‘bin’ icon:


To delete media from the library, simply click on the item you wish to delete, then press the red bin icon, and confirm that you definitely want to delete that item:



Using the Media Library to insert content in Pages

When you’re adding images, videos and files to a page, click the + icon, then click on ‘Media Library’, and you’ll be able to either choose a file from the media library, or add a new image, video or file to be inserted on the page:

When you click on ‘Open Media Library’, you can upload a new file from your PC by dragging and dropping, or clicking on ‘Choose File’, then ‘Insert Selected Media’ to add it to your page


Featured images for videos and PDFs are not set inside the media library. Once you add the video or PDF to a page, you’ll see an option to add a featured image to it, which will display in your app, with the ‘Play’ or ‘Download’ icon on top of it: