Bulk Adding Users To Channels

Within your app library, if you have more than one channel (for example, a leadership channel or a channel for an event), you’ll need to add users to those extra channels, so that they will be able to access them via the app library option in your app.

Please note, doing this will not create a any ‘new’ users – you’re simply giving access to a channel for some of your existing users.

First, click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS, then click on ‘Channels’, then click on the channel that you want to add users to:

Now click on the ‘Users’ tab, then ‘+Bulk Add Users’:

You’ll now see a box where you can paste in a list of usernames that you want to add to the channel. Copy and paste your list of users in to the box, then click on ‘Add Users’. You can add up to 200 users at a time:

If any of these users do not already exist, you will see a message telling you which of the users will be added, and which will not be added as they don’t already exist as users:

If you have entered valid usernames, you will see a ‘Confirm and Complete’ button. Press this to complete adding your users to the channel. If you have any that have been ignored due to not existing, you will need to create those as new users.

Once you click on Confirm and Complete, you’ll see the list of users who have been added to the channel.

To remove users from accessing this channel, simply click on the red X to the right of their username: