Adding User Groups To Channels

Before you can add a user group to a channel, make sure you have created your user group.

Adding User Groups To Channels

In order to publish content to specific groups of users, you must first add your user groups to your channel(s).

This will allow you select a user group when publishing content in that channel.

First, click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS, then click on ‘User Groups’. Now click on the channels tab, and finally on + Add New Channel.

When you click on +Add New Channel, you will see a list of the channels available from your app library. Simply click ‘Add Channel’ beside any of the channels that you wish to add the group to, then click Close.

Now you’ll go back to the User Group screen, and you’ll see that the list of channels available for the group has been updated.

Should you wish to remove a user group from a channel, simply click the red X beside its name.