Adding an Existing User or Editor to a Non-Default Channel

You may have more than one app in your app library. Most of our clients will have at least one ‘default’ app, visible to everyone in the organisation. Some will also have apps that are only visible to specifically assigned users – for example, an app for a specific event or location within your business. Non-default apps are those without ‘can be accessed by all users in your organisation‘ ticked in the app settings:




To manually add a single user to this kind of app, click on the cog icon at the top of the CMS and search for the user you wish to add.

Note: If you’re adding multiple users at once to a non-default channel, it’s easier to follow the guide for bulk adding here.

Once in the user’s CMS profile, go to the channels tab, and click on + add new channel and you see a list of all available channels:



Choose ‘User’ or ‘Editor’ in the user drop-down menu, depending on what access you wish to grant.

If you choose ‘Editor’, this user will be able to log in to the CMS and add content to this channel.

Once you have selected the user role, click on ‘Save Changes’.