Content Acknowledgements

In this section:

  • What are Acknowledgements?
  • Three types of acknowledgement: Compliance, Events, Competitions
  • How to enable each type of acknowledgement in the Thrive CMS

What are Acknowledgements?

This feature allows the app administrator to mark a page in the app as requiring the attention of app users. Users can then press a button on the page to mark it as complete (or opt-in). The app administrator can then export reports from the Thrive CMS to show which users have and have not marked the content as completed or opted-in.

Our Acknowledgements functionality was built to help organisations get instant feedback and response to app contentAdding this simple mechanism into your app pages helps you create feedback loops to allow you to confidently determine who has had access to content and who has acknowledged it.  


Content can be marked as one of the following three types of Acknowledgement:


Creating Acknowledgement Content

If you have an important brief for employees, and you want them to mark it read and keep track of who has done so, you’ll want to create a Compliance Acknowledgement.

Start by creating a ‘Page’ in the Content Management System which contains the text or attached document as required.

Next, enable Acknowledgement in the panel on the right of the screen, and choose ‘Compliance’, “Event’ or ‘Competition’ as appropriate, from the Choose Type drop-down:












The automatically created usergroup creates a group with all of the users who have signed up for the event. This then allows you to create supplementary content (such as joining details or directions to the event) that will be visible only to the people who said they’re attending.











If your content is applicable to only some users, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve selected the appropriate user groups from the Audience tab, so that your content is visible only to the people who need to see it.

Finally, press Save and Publish Now in the CMS.

In the app, your users will receive a notification to let them know that a post requires their attention, and after reading it they’ll be able to press the button to confirm that they’ve read and understood, opt-in to attend the event, or enter the competition.












A banner will be displayed on the page in the app, to let the user know that a response is allowed, or what the status of the Acknowledgement Content is: